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Qi Gong and Yoga. Practice

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Crystal Bowl Meditation Circles

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I am asking, "Why do I feel it is so vital for us to Sing our Song?  What is the most important thing we have come here to do at this time in this space?"       To heal.

When one person starts on the true healing path, the whole cosmic web feels it. We are that connected. Finding our voice, speaking our Truth, helps us come to our Authentic Self. And there in lies our reason for being here now. Life takes us on wild goose chases, wild roller coasters, and through murky waters. Tragedies work to wake us up.

It is about waking to our Divine Light. Bringing out what is there, inside, and letting it shine. Even through the mystery, the pain, the difficulties.

Now is the time. We are here Now. We have Come. Breathe in the Holy Breath and Sing Your Song!

Join us in the Yurt for Yurt Sings!    Stay tuned!


Life at Glacier Sound

We are vibrational beings. All life is. We vibrate. Every cell, every thought, every emotion, vibrates at a certain frequency. When we are in a healthy state we are resonating in frequencies that create harmony! Harmonious Frequencies. When we are in harmony, We have less energetic congestion and more energetic flow. Think of your blood/circulatory system:  If there is no flow, there is….death.

Qi Gong and Sound Healing Therapies work to get us back to this harmonious state. Raising our frequencies, creating coherent states of being, using breath and movement, using the frequencies of the tuning forks, binaural beats, the crystal bowls, all help to create energetic, circulatory, lymphatic, immune system flow! All help to create a  harmonious state.

You are heartily invited to come and explore  what helps you create your own harmonious frequencies…and how to release the blocks that keep you from your own harmony.

Glacier Sound is located in Columbia falls and serves the greater Flathead communities  of Whitefish, Kalispell, Big Fork, Coram, Lakeside and the surrounding areas.  Mary works both with groups and with individuals for healing involving Crystal Bowl Meditations, massage, tuning forks on acupuncture points, emotional release work,  binaural beats and relaxation, qi gong, essential oils and flower essences, far infra red sauna, and more.


Glacier Sound Healing Center