The Yurt Sings: Notes 1&ll

So! For those of you who are coming to the Yurt Sings, or thinking of coming to the Yurt to sing….

Why gather to Sing? What is my aim? What is my intention?

In this new decade, it is now more than ever, the time for us to live our authentic Truth. How do we do that when so many of us have closed our throat chakras, not spoken our truth, not thought we were worthy enough, yadda yadda yadda! 

My intention is
* To provide a place and space for you to find your soul song.
* To Sound together.
* To explore our own Sound–Who is Singing?
* To have fun, together.

We will learn tools for singing. We will learn the Musical Modes – how they can be used seasonally and for our different moods. We will learn how to use vowels and consonants for release, opening, healing. This will not be attached to any philosophy or religion. Sometimes it is our  attachment to our  paradigms that have closed off this blessed throat chakra! We will not be attached to experiences in our past where we have been told we “don’t sing too good!” That piece we will obliterate! 

 And we will fiercely protect the spirit of Non Judgment!

We live in an entertainment culture. It is far past the time to let go of the dictates of our culture which has put people who “can sing” on a pedestal, and Truly Realize that Everyone can Sing and Everyone Must Sing! It is for our health and well being! And dare I say for the well being of the planet? Where would we be without bird song? Where are we without Your Song?

Notes: ll

Here are some notes on what we did at the first night of the Yurt Sing. I was so impressed with your courage and heart!

We started to learn the Indian Solvege: Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da, Ni, Sa. We compared it to the Do Re Mi and sang Doe a deer. We sang the chakra clearing Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Om So-Hum. We sang a call and response African song of Thanksgiving. We sang our names. This is where I asked you to get outside your comfort zone. And it was so beautiful. Thank you! We talked about our commitment to fiercely protect the spirit of non judgement. This means noticing the critique voice and then identify the witness voice and sing from there.

Whoever wants to continue, and anyone who wants to join us, we will meet again at 3:30 on February 9 followed by a Crystal Bowl Meditation Circle for those who would like to stay. We will then start meeting every other Sunday at 4pm for one hour.

Next time we will continue with the Sa, Re, Ga. We will learn a balancing practice from Kototama, and we will sing a song! or Two. Please Join us!