Our Vision

Glacier Sound Healing Center is both a gathering place for collective healing and a safe place for individual healing. And it is a gathering place for...fun! It is my vision that we come together to create coherency, to raise our frequencies, to connect with our highest selves, to find the path to Being Peace, Being Love, Being Compassion and then send that coherency into our world.

How do we do that? We practice. We notice. We forgive ourselves over and over again. We work on ourselves in a group. We work on ourselves individually.  We work to become as healthy as possible. This means we work with aches and pains as well as releasing stuck emotions and memories that no longer serve us or the planet. Or even...the Universe! We question our paradigms. We gather the courage to Become who it is we are here to be!

I am frequently asked How did I come to work with Sound for Healing? It was a long journey. I have been a musician all my life. That was the start. As I became more chronologically gifted I was fortunate to go back to school to attend Globe Sound Healing school in San Fransisco, and then Tama-Do in Malibu and in Switzerland as well as being trained in The Listening Program. I studied with some brilliant Sound magicians. I am deeply fascinated by the affects of frequencies, vibrations, sounds and music on our bodies-physical and energetic- and on our emotional and mental bodies as well. I believe we are in the process, if we so choose, to join the ascension parade, raising our frequencies to our highest level of consciousness. I believe we are called to see the Divine in Every One and Every Thing. And That takes practice! I have experienced that this sound work can help with this process.    ~ Mary Rommereim McGrath