The Mystical Month of May

May in Northwest Montana is truly the tie of rebirth. The signs of new life are everywhere. The Trillium in our forest have popped out - the first of our spring wild flowers! The Trillium's three leaves and petal emerge in perfect symmetry, reflecting the three facets of the Trillium path -

Consciousness, Embodiment, Mutuality.

Trillium essence is said to...

Encourage integration of personal energy into the universal matrix

Enhance resonance with Oneness

Invoke celebration and compassion

Soften outdated belief structures

Soothe our delicate feeling natures

So you see, I love it when the Trillium grace our forest!

May is considered the Mystical Month in many cultures. That is due to various activities of light that occur at both inner and outer levels during the month of ay every year.

May is also the month of Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine. The Catholic Church suggests honoring The Mother in prayer during the month of May. It is also the month of Lady Portia and Saint Germaine. Saint Germaine and the Violet Flame bathe our planet and give the Divine Gift of Perfection.

The full moon on April 19th leading us into May was the Wesak Moon. This is a time which Divine Grace and Mercy are released with an incredible intensity - in far greater quantities. The Wesak Festival Celebration is interlaced with the loving and compassionate energies of the Lord Buddha and the Lord Jesus Christ Ascension. Every year billions of Buddhists and other exponents of Buddha's love and enlightenment focus on the light, healing love, and enlightenment Buddha brings to the Earth of behalf of Humanity. This collective concentration leads us into this Mystical month of May.

Take time this May to notice! notice the Light. Notice the signs of rebirth! Notice the emergence of the Divine Feminine! Ask for the presence of the Mother in your life. Ask for the balance of the masculine and feminine in your heart flame. Ask for the Violet Light to wash over you. Be curious! Be bold in your curiosity! Reclaim you innocence! You must become like a child to Enter the Kingdom!

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