Your Voice And The Sacred Sound Current


As Tesla described, our entire biological system, the brain, and the earth itself work on the same frequencies. The human voice, apart from being a communication tool, exhibits all of the silent and audible working frequencies of the body, mind, and emotions. I have written about Voice I Analysis and our physical state. While every organ and system resonates with a particular frequency range, so does every human emotion and feeling. Voice Analysis can give you a clear picture of which frequencies are on overload in your body and which frequencies are not there at all, meaning your body is lacking that nutrient!


The same is true for every human emotion and feeling. All emotions resonate at particular frequency ranges. You know this. The frequency of rage feels very different in your body than the frequency of compassion. As Chinese Medicine articulates so well, emotions share energy with physical body parts / organs. Since emotions share energy with body parts, we now know that it is extremely important that emotional function be healthy and balanced if optimal health and well being are to be realized. When an emotion becomes inflamed or exaggerated, the related physical areas can either become equally inflamed (or depressed in function.) The frequency of the emotion is encouraging an imbalanced flow of energy. The same is true if a person is resistant to acknowledging the feeling. The related body part will experience the pressure of having to compensate for the related lack of emotion! In many instances, a person suffering from physical distress in an organ will actually “fuel” the physical with emotion.


Voice Analysis is a unique diagnostic screening tool which assess both the physical and emotional energetics, and the relationship between the two. When you get a voice analysis, you see the notes you “play” in a graph. Frequencies that are missing relate to imbalance (ill health/dis-ease.) For instance the frequency range of C is related to Thyroid and the lymphatic system. If you are low in C, your task is to reintroduce C into your system. Changing the energetic pattern (frequencies) begins the restoration of health. If you are low in C, the Voice Analysis program gives you music to listen to, a list of nutrients that resonate with C, Essential Oils that resonate in C, etc.


 But the most important tool is your own voice. using your own voice to reinstate that frequency will put you on the path towards a better balanced body,mind,emotion system

“Change the pattern, change the “disease” (imbalanced problem.)


“If you want to find out the secrets of the universe,think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”.    Nikolai Tesla