Spring Reveals

Healing to Revealing:

Showing our True Colors!

We journey through the seasons: from Autumn, and the release work of Lung/Large Intestine through Winter and the work of Kidneys -going into our cave, going underground, going into the stillness and now to Spring!

Wood is the energy of Spring. It gives us the power of birth and renewal. Wood energy enables us to move forward with vision and determination. When we follow Nature’s Way, and take a Winter’s Nap, we too then emerge into Spring!

Spring, associated with The Wood Element, represents the Liver and Gall Bladder, in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The liver function is called the Official of Strategic Planning. It’s partner, Gall Bladder, gives the ability to make decisions and discern wisely.

Anger is the emotion associated with an imbalanced Wood energy. Anger blocks experience and rebirth. Anger/Wood imbalance helps create stuckness. One “can’t see the forest for the trees.” This anger can be individual anger or the Collective Anger. Anger can be a very motivating tool! But if we are not working with it, (ie: ignoring or paying way too much attention to it ) it messes with us.

So! We work to balance. We honor the anger and recognize it’s gift. We address the origin of the anger. We communicate. We work! And then, we release (burn, transmute, forgive) the Stuff (the parts or expressions of ourselves) that No Longer Resonates With Our Truth! In this vey essential and necessary process of release, of lightening the load, we make room for Our True Desires!

Now, as we move into Spring, we shift from healing our self to revealing ourself! Loving ourself in ways we have not yet been able to do so. Revealing to ourselves our Deepest Desires( because yes we are worthy!) And Yes! Showing our True Colors!

This is the Spring! The time of new life! This is not a time to hold back but to discover your greatest desires! And plant those seeds!

How to begin? Begin to look to your inner child! “You must become like a little child in order to enter the Kingdom!” And what is the kingdom? It is the expression of your inner Holy Child! Your Divine Blueprint! It is living your deepest desires...